Eye of the Sun natural herbal and tea blends work to enhance the body’s subtle energy systems.  They are hand-crafted channelling ancient wisdom to reconnect us with our authentic selves.

We each have a number of different elements that comprise our total being—extending beyond the physical to the mental, emotional and spiritual.  These  energy bodies, together with the soul,  function in different realms and dimensions to create your own unique vibration.  Our society, lifestyle and past experiences can have the effect of depleting our energy and limiting the awareness we have of ourselves.  Eye of the Sun tea blends are designed to work to assist all the elements of your  being to act in balance, harmony and awareness, creating a feeling of coming home to yourself, rediscovering or remembering who you really are on an  energetic level.  They work synergistically to enhance all   healing modalities and paths to personal  development.

Eye of the Sun herbal tea blends are formulated using top quality organic and wildcrafted herbs.  Crystal vibrations, pyramid energy, sacred geometry, healing symbols, words, phrases, colours, music, sounds and energy channelled from ancient sources are all called upon to create something very special.  We invite you to experience their unique effect.

Vibrational Herb Tea Range