Discover a hidden treasure – the best version of you!  Eye of the Sun energetic oils blends are designed to enhance and align your energy.  Anoint your skin, take in the scent and awaken your soul.

Wear these beautiful oil blends every day, add them to a bath for a sensual experience, utilize them in spiritual and meditative practice to support your path of personal development.  They can also be used to enhance and promote the effect of all forms of energetic healing from kinesiology to reiki to massage (dilute them further in a carrier oil or apply them to energy points at the beginning or end of a treatment).  All blends are formulated using top quality cold pressed oils, essential oils and absolutes.  The use of gem and flower elixirs, crystal vibrations, pyramid energy, healing symbols, words, phrases, music and sounds combine to create a special resonance within each blend.  Nurture and harness that divine spark you have within.  Begin a love affair with yourself and our amazing oil blends.

Energetic Oil Blend Range