Perhaps you’ve experienced our blends before? Perhaps you’ve been drawn to this page because it feels right? We would like to invite you to come on a special journey with us. We recognize that there is no one else like you. You fill a special place in the world that no one else can fill. You are a unique soul with your own special purpose in this life. That’s why we would like to create a personalized blend that reflects your unique qualities, assists in finding new perspective and helps you find your spark so you can burst into light and life.

Leonie works intuitively to tune into your guides and your energy to compose a blend that fits who and where you are right now. With your blend comes a short message to give you wisdom and guidance as you walk your path. You can order a tea, an oil or both – the internal and the external working together.

Personalized blends can be made and sent anywhere in the world without the need to meet or even speak to the person for whom they are being designed. However, please feel free to share whatever information you feel is appropriate to the process.

For those in or close to Melbourne, where Leonie is currently based, there is the additional option of an insight session with her where she will explain your message and your blend in more depth. If you’re not close by but want to connect with Leonie in this way, we may be able to set up a telephone or skype session – contact us and we’ll find an option to suit you.

This is your invitation to give yourself—or someone you care about—an amazing gift. Are you ready to receive?


We even make personalized blends for businesses, events and organizations of all kinds. It can be a great way to set the mood or intention for a workshop, meditation or consultation session. It can also be a lovely way to deepen and enhance your connection with clients, members, fellow participants or as a way to remember and build on the energy after an event or session is completed. Maybe you just like the idea of a blend that resonates specifically with your purpose? If this feels right for you, please contact us directly and we can discuss your requirements with you.

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