Eye of the Sun is committed to creating a world that nourishes the potential in each and every individual so that they may understand their true nature, grow, blossom, prosper and enrich the lives of others by their example.

We have a special interest in supporting organisations who work to provide the basics of life – such as security, shelter, food, water and education for women and children so that they might have the opportunity to find their spark and make their unique contribution to the world.

We support organisations such as the Somaly Mam Foundation which works to rescue young girls, who are often sold to brothels by their families, in Cambodia and across Asia.  Read about their work at www.somaly.org.

We support A Child’s Right which works to provide safe drinking water for children in schools, orphanages, shelters and other institutions around the world.  For more information, visit their website at www.achildsright.org.

We support work of The Hunger Project in empowering people the end their own hunger and to take up roles in working towards the betterment of their own communities.  Their website gives a great overview of the breadth of work they undertake – visit www.thp.org.