Herbal alchemy is the art of achieving transformation of and through plants as the key medium.  For me, as the alchemist, it is a very personal experience.  It is about taking things that are ancient – knowledge, herbs, oils, crystals, sounds, symbols, colours and natural energies – combining them using guidance from spirit and adding something of myself (the spark, the catalyst) to create a transformational tool that is modern and new, whose energy vibration matches and compliments our current times.

Quantum physics is now catching up with and proving what the seers and masters of our ancient cultures have always known – that we are all made up of matter vibrating.  We are light, sound, space and attraction.  The resonance at which we vibrate is what holds our individual particles together and gives us, and the objects around us, the appearance of being substantial.  By changing the vibration or the resonance of our particles, we are able to effect change.

At its essence, herbal alchemy is about taking the raw materials that nature has always provided and combining them using the power of intention to create a new resonance.  This creates a knock-on effect in the universe as they, in turn, transform and unlock the potential in those individuals who come into contact with them.

Are you ready to bring your unique energy to this process?

Leonie Macleod