Pyramid structures have been utilised all over the world by civilizations both ancient and modern. Their construction and purpose has been the subject of much speculation and is the stuff of myth and legend. They seem to have long been used for purposes outside of everyday life – ritual, ceremony, initiation and inspiration.

It is well known in sacred geometry, physics, mathematics and numerology that different three dimensional shapes create specific energy fields or harmonics within their structures. This enables communication of information in new and unusual ways. The pyramid has long been held to be one of the most ideal shapes for this purpose.

Eye of the Sun pyramids are constructed of copper with stainless steel outer tubing. The copper conducts energy while the stainless steel provides a support for the copper and prevents it from bending out of shape. In this way, female and male energies work synergistically to ensure balance. A copper capstone completes the pyramid and allows the energy to collect inside.

Used for meditation, a pyramid can help deepen the experience, enhancing theta and alpha brainwaves. More vivid experiences, images or ideas, a heightened sense of feeling or connection may result. It could be said to be a gateway to higher consciousness, a way for you to receive subconscious information about yourself at a conscious level.

In cases where healing is required, the pyramid structure seems to be able to regulate or amplify energy. For example, while someone who is stressed or over-anxious may be calmed by sitting within the pyramid, someone who is lethargic will be revitalised. It seems to work to encourage organic cells of all types towards their perfect state.

The pyramid can be used to purify water, energise plants, crystal formulations and essences. For example, seeds seem to germinate more quickly and grow larger under a pyramid structure. A layout within the pyramid of crystals, symbols and/or other objects can bring a new dimension to the healing or meditative experience as the energies of these objects is amplified.

We often hang crystals or geometric shapes within the pyramid to enhance the energetic effect.

Due to their construction, Eye of the Sun pyramids can be set up or taken down quickly and easily and may be used indoors or outdoors. The copper capstone will tarnish and may require cleaning or repolishing from time to time in order to keep it shiny. This will have no impact on the energy within the pyramid and is simply a matter of aesthetics we actually like the aged affect they get!

Eye of the Sun pyramids are available in two sizes:

– 1 m2 around the base – great for energising water, making essences and the like
– 2m2 around the base – large enough to sit comfortably for meditation